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Tuesday November 20 2018 

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Coach's Corner

Tips and Advice
Feb 10, 2011, 5:42 pm



  • Don't worry how well others do, try your best and you will be the best you can be!


  • Always remember to bring a drink to your swimming sessions - just 2% dehydration of the body can lead to a performance loss of up to 20%.


  • Remember also that eating well (and healthily!) and getting a good night's sleep are as important as putting in your best effort during training.


  • Remember to stream-line every time you get in the water - from a dive; into and out of a turn; and in your stroke!


  • Listen carefully and respect your coach - he or she is a willing volunteer giving up their time and knowledge to help you become a better swimmer.


  • Above all else it is important to enjoy your swimming, so please make the most of the opportunity that the volunteer coaches give up their free time to help you with and don't be afraid to cross-train and mix your swimming with other sports - swimming is probably the best sport for cross-training and you will benefit from this in swimming itself and in any of the other sports you take part in.